Friday, October 16, 2009

"I'm Alive" Slide Show

This is pure entertainment. The slide show below, not only, has great aircraft pictures, but is synchronized to Celine Dion singing "I'm Alive". If you avoid the temptation to manually advance the slides (it is fast moving), you will be treated to an entertaining and uplifting experience definitely worth a few minutes of your time. You will need PowerPoint software to view this slide show.

Turn up your speaker volume and enjoy!

"I'm Alive" Slide Show

[My thanks to Phil Upman for forwarding this]


Anonymous said...

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Ralph said...

I'm not certain what you are asking for. I am the moderator for this site, and I am not looking for other moderators. If you are asking how to subscribe to my site, you can click on the, "Get Updates. Subscribe to My Site," tabs on the right side of my blog.